iVacationRental is the new, easy way to research, find, and book a vacation rental online with confidence. Our network of trusted vacation rental management partners provides a collection of vacation homes that have been certified to meet or exceed their descriptions. Utilizing a simple, but powerful search interface, it is easy to find the right vacation property. Our online booking solution makes it a pleasure to shop and easy to buy.

Why iVacationRental?

Trust in Your Rental

iVacationRental only provides rental homes by property managers that have met or exceeded our stringent criteria about providing a reliable, trustworthy, and consistent vacation experience. You can be assured that the description and expectations set by the property listing in iVacationRental is what you will experience during their vacation.

No Hassle Bookings

With iVacationRental, you can book vacation rentals in real-time online using a credit card, just like you would a hotel. No more email traffic and phone-tag required to complicate the booking process. No more paper and contracts and personal checks to send off. With iVacationRental, booking the perfect vacation rental is just a click away.

Easy Search Tools

iVacationRental gives you the tools they need to find the perfect vacation rental for your trip. This includes the ability to search by city, state, country, zip code, airport code and more! You can then narrow down your search results based on price, availability, distance, group size, and thousands of amenity combinations! Finding the perfect vacation rental has never been this easy.

Many Choices

Whether you are searching for a family vacation to Orlando, or an adventure to southern Utah, iVacationRental provides a wide selection of the vacation properties. We have everything from private homes on the beach, to private condos in the mountains. iVacationRental`s accurate, detailed descriptions and photos of each property help you select the perfect rental for your vacation.

Management Team

Tracy. Lotz, FOUNDER, entered the vacation home rental industry by creating 1st Choice Rental Properties 20 years ago. His vision was, and continues to be to empower property managers with the best tools and technology to grow and optimize their business. LiveRez relies on the guidance and direction of Mr. Lotz's deep experience in the vacation rental industry to provide the most complete solution built on the needs of vacation rental property managers.