What is a vacation rental?
Vacation rentals are privately owned homes, condos, cabins, and villas available for rent. It is not a timeshare, it is simply a property that is available for rent (just like a hotel).

Why should I choose a vacation rental over traditional hotels or resorts?

Vacation rentals provide a unique vacation experience due to several advantages over traditional hotel rooms.

Your Amenities
Enjoy your own hot tub, pool, gourmet kitchen, home theater, game room, and other amenities; even your own laundry facilities. No more waiting in line, fighting the crowds, sharing public facilities for you.

Your House
Stretch out and relax in your own living room. Nap on your own porch. Play games with friends and family in your own family room. No more cramming everyone into one hotel room, running from room to room, or looking for a place to enjoy some simple -together time-.

Chose from thousands of locations. Top vacation destinations, and those off-the-beaten-path & away-from-the-crowds places that do not have hotels. Whatever your desire - mountain, beach, city - there are vacation homes for you.

Get the most from your vacation time and your -together time- with friends and family by using your spacious vacation rental home. Avoid eating out for every meal, paying extra for every drink and snack, and enjoy valuable private time with your group and/or family.

What can I expect for quality of the accommodations at a vacation rental?
Within a specific area, rates are often, but not always, indicative of quality. Generally, they are a function of location and overall demand for a property.

What types of vacation rentals are found on iVacationRental?
Vacation rentals vary greatly in quality, location, and amenities. It is important that you pay careful attention to the property details when making your selection.

Price: Budget to luxury - meet your budget with a variety of options. Look at the pictures and property description closely to find the right match of price, quality, and amenities for you.

Type of Homes:
1. Homes & Villas - are standalone units, which offer travelers more private living space and amenities such as pools or hot tubs.
2. Condos & Apartments - often exist within multi-unit complexes, and can vary greatly in size depending on location and building type. These rental properties may feature some in-unit and shared amenities (pools, hot tubs, laundry).
3. Cottages & Cabins - are often found in resort communities or in remote locations, and are typically standalone units, ranging in size and available amenities

Location: City to Remote - choose form a wide variety of locations. Properties are located in cities, resort communities, or in remote locations.

Which vacation rental is right for me and my travel companions? Following are four critical questions to ask yourself when choosing a vacation property:

Size - Will it sleep everyone in my group and give us room to hang-out?

Location - Is it close to our planned activities? Is it private enough?

Budget - How much will it cost?

Special Needs - Does it have the amenities I need? Does it allow pets?

Why should I book my vacation rental on iVacationRental?
TRUST - All properties listed on iVacationRental are covered by the following guarantee:

Trust the Logistics - Every property on iVacationRental is managed by a certified iVacationRental Property Manager. Trust that the property exists and that the calendar is accurate.

Trust the Information - Descriptions are current and accurate. Trust that the property is in the condition described and displayed with respect to: sleeping capacity, the location, and the general quality of the property.

Trust the Service - Each property manager has been certified to meet the highest service and quality levels of iVacationRental. Trust that you will receive excellent service, delivered with friendliness.

Trust the Price - The price you see, is the price you pay. Trust the pricing you agree to on iVacationRental is what will be charged. No hidden or additional charges.